Events & Challenges

Necessary Devil enables individuals, running groups, event organizers and corporates to organize a variety of events and challenges.


  • Marathons
  • Cyclothons


  • Walking/ Running
  • Steps
  • Cycling
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Planning for the Event

Any event needs to be planned around a purpose. This determines the pitch of the event and dominates the publicity around the event.


Launch of the Event

Launch of the event needs to be done with a great deal of fanfare. The more noise created around the launch ensures greater success of the event.


Promotion of the Event

Event promotion should clearly bring out the focus of the event. Whether it is a competitive event, or it is an event for some social cause or meant to support a charity or a part of company CSR. Most of the time the event is a means to an end (or greater good)


Event Execution

Event execution is the most important part of event. The technical glitches should be reduced to barest minimum. The participants and the teams should be communicated with so as they stay motivated.


Post Event

The participants must be given post event gratification & memorabilia instantly after the event. Sufficient avenues must be given to the participants to brag their achievements like photo frames, e-certificates, event videos etc.

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Rewards & Recognition

Necessary Devil offers flexibility while designing rewards and recognition. It has been found that rewards are major motivators to keep up engagement in any activity.
  • Rewards increase the effectiveness of a wellness program, by delivering greater engagement from the participants.

  • Once the participants are on-boarded, the reward points keep up the engagement and the excitement.

  • During a challenge rewards are not to gratify an individual but given to a team. This increases the communication & camaraderie within the team.

  • Some rewards are extrinsic like cash prizes or cash vouchers, whereas others are intrinsic given more as a recognition than a transaction. A rewards strategy comprising of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards needs to design to get maximum benefit from a event.