Frequently Asked Questions


All the registrations are done from our website You can click on “Registration Button” which will take you to the ‘Registration site’. You will have to sign up with your Email. The site will then ask you a few basic questions like your Name, Date of Birth, your registered distance, City & PIN/ZIP code & you can register for the event. Once you are registered you would be mailed your e-BIB. We usually provide a registration link in the Event’s marketing collateral.

Running Apps

Ideally all the apps which can share public URL of the activity are preferred for timing validations. However, We are comfortable with running apps like Strava & Map-my-Run. We also integrate with wearable watches like Garmin, Fitbit, Google Fit & Mi Fit, in order to give you a verified timing on your certificate.

During the Event

No. Since this is a virtual event. Participants have to manage their own support.

Keep emergency numbers in your route handy.

Wearing a BIB during the event is not mandatory. However, participants are requested to kindly save their BIB numbers. This will make it easier to address your support queries.

We take run time for the certificate. Pauses while running or the run time are not considered.

Your certificate will mention the distance travelled & the time taken. However, if there are any leader-boards or prizes you will be disqualified for that.

No, the algorithm takes care of excess distances.

Uploading my activity

After you register for the event you would receive a consent mail. Once you give us your consent, our software will automatically pick your activity & validate it. In case you do not give us your consent, please login to your account on our website or follow the link mailed to you. You will see the option “Upload your activity”. If you are using any of the approved tracking apps like Strava or Map-my-Run, then provide the URL of your activity. If you are using any other running app, then you can enter your details manually & load the screenshot of your run displaying distance & timing details so that your run can be validated.

If the event organizer allows then, login to your account on our website or follow the link sent to you by us on mail and enter your timing manually. However, in that case we will not give a “validated timing certificate”.

Login to our account on our website & enter your timing manually & upload a screenshot of your run displaying distance & timing details for validation purpose.


Once you complete your run & upload your results, you will get Fitness report, E-certificate with validated Runtime & route traversed & Run analytics. However minimum deliverables would be as mentioned in the event’s marketing collateral.

You can Sign in our site & find these things with your BIB number as reference. We will also mail you these documents independently.

A validated race time is one which is furnished by the app (like Strava). A manually uploaded timing with a backup from the screen shot is also considered as a validated timing.

You will get a local runners map: it will tell you how many participants participated from your area. You will also get your running routes used by other runners in your area (Right now provided only for Strava users). However, the run analytics to be given will be defined by the Event’s marketing collateral.

You can find new routes in your area. Develop running community, find new running partners & network with them.